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Be a Social Media Citizen:

Step 1: Be suspicious about everything on social media that is not from a know trusted source. It would be even better if you use social media as intended, to share common experiences among friends. By its nature and design Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are inherently awash with users and information that are Fake, False and Full of Shit, very much like Donald Trump and the Russians that put him in the White House. Don’t believe anything you read or any users on social media that are not credible.  Trust only known major news sources, and if you are a part of a group or follow a page, know that users on those pages might be fake, and in some cases overwhelmingly so.   

Be aware –  Social Media is our new public space and it is unregulated.  A public space without police, without rules and regulations that ensure the concept of maintaining the public good. So you really cannot tell how much is real and how much is fake –

Realize that social media manipulation is no joke –  In 2016 social media platforms were used as a medium to weaken our country and change the current world order. We must, as a society, understand the inherent threat that social media can present as a tool of cultural manipulation as evidenced by the Russian intervention in 2016.

Fight Fire with Fire – Get out of your social media bubble and spread truth on sites that you know to be false or hyper-partisan – do what Russia did to us, but with truth

Subscribe to suspect or otherwise questionable information and news sources.  Along with following trusted media like CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS also “like” and subscribe to Facebook Feeds for know false and hyper-partisan opinion publications like Breitbart, and Info Wars, Sean Hannity, Fox News, as well as Kremlin-backed media outlets like RT and Sputnik News. These sites are closed echo chambers for conspiracy news, vindictiveness, inciting partisanship and divisiveness.  These sites have one goal, to destabilize, to sow doubt, to make enemies of our neighbors.   This is where the hyper-partisan warped news starts and gets spread.

Your Job as a Citizen: Get involved, interject your opinion in the comments, give your opinion along with facts or links to more reasonable and factual information.  If only 1 out of every 100 commenting opinions on these sites is dissenting, imaging what 5 out of every 100 could do.  Change the tide of opinion, call out non-factual reporting or opinions, report users or fake news. Report trolls, hate speech, unusual activity or behavior.  Taking  5 minutes a day to be a social media citizen can change the world.

If you are only in your own echo chamber, subscribing to mainstream media, the publications that rely on facts, excellent investigative journalism, the voice of reason and common sense,  you are missing the opportunity to change and influence non-like minded citizen who are trapped in an echo chamber without any sign of dissenting opinion.

Be the first to report false information in an article, or fake news.  When you see absurd content clearly being pushed to incite or manipulate make your voices heard.  Be aware and active in exposing the fake, the manipulative or the absurd.

Here is the rules and regulations for reporting suspicious behavior:

REPORT ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/help/263149623790594/

TWITTER RULES: https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311

REPORT A USER ON TWITTER: https://support.twitter.com/forms/abusiveuser

Seem Simple? It is simple: Just as you might go to a demonstration, or show up at a town hall, sign a petition or vote for your chosen politician, citizenship, more now than ever, needs to be extended to our social media platforms.

Roll up your sleeves and make a commitment to improving our new public space.