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  • To promote awareness of the very serious responsibility every US citizen has when using social media to inform and engage in political discourse.
  • To understand the shortcoming of social media and how it can be exploited to manipulate and even affect the outcome of something as serious as the Election of the President of the United States.  
  • To promote social media citizen activism, to be informed and empowered to utilize tools to identify and report abusers, robots, trolls, hate speech and other nefarious tactics to intimidate, control or manipulate, coerce or co-opt a person or persons opinion by foreign or domestic operatives.
  • To make sure that our social media platforms provide a safe and civil space for this new public space.  Asking the question of regulation and legislation when these “for-profit” companies cannot act in the public interest.

How Social Media Citizen Started

My name is Brian Fisher,  I’m a small business owner and Electrical Engineer by education. During the 2016 election I spearheaded an anti Trump movement on social media called Not My Values/Stopping the Donald to add another voice to the opposition of then candidate Donald Trump.  As Facebook moderator for this page, I experienced frequent pro-trump bot, troll and fake user attacks.  I witnessed first hand how a deluge of vitriolic pro-trump rhetoric consistently and predictably shut down conversations, demoralized legitimate users and seeded doubt in the minds of Hillary and Bernie supporters.  It was extremely effective.  When I heard that these “weaponized” social media attacks were now part of the FBI-led investigation, the experience was validated and the Social Media Citizen concept was born.